Apartments Villa Amalia in Šilo

Apartments Krk - Villa Amalia

Apartments in Villa Amalia are situated in the tourist town Šilo, which will charm you every time with its diversity, beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and plenty of possibilities for leisure activities.
The villa is fully renovated and newly furnished, with an exquisite location by the sea. You have everything you need for a carefree vacation nearby: grocery store, health care services, restaurants, confectionery …

There are four “Palma apartments”, one “Luxury apartment” and one “Luxury apartment with a swimming pool” in the villa. They are all rated with four stars, except “Luxury with a pool” which has a five star rating. You will enjoy the modern design and only twenty meter walk to the beach.

Experience elegant apartments and discover beautiful beaches on island.

Villa Amalia – 4x Palma apartments ★★★★
(for 2+2 persons)

Palma apartment No.1

Palma apartment No.2

Palma apartment No.3

Palma apartment No.4

Villa Amalia – Luxury apartment with a pool ★★★★★
(for 2+2 persons)

Luxury apartment with a pool 

Villa Amalia – Luxury apartment ★★★★
(for 4+2 persons)

Luxury apartment 

Stone houses in Kornić

Stone houses on Krk

The Stone houses are situated in the old part of a village Kornić, on the island Krk near Punat. This holiday houses invites you to savour the island lifestyle the moment you enter its gate and find yourself in the greenery of Mediterranean vegation. The traditional mediterranean style with wood and stone details extends throught the property with a white and blue colour scheme. Outdoor barbecue facilities and a furnished terrace provide plenty of options for outdoor cooking activities.

Experience traditional mediterranean style houses and discover beautiful beaches on island.

Stone house K-13 ★★★★

Stone house K13 (4 persons)

Stone house K13 (6 persons)

Stone house K55 (2+2 persons) ★★★★

Stone house K55 (2+2 persons)